RASPBERRY & MOJITO TART by Marike Van Beurden

A recipe from Marike Van Beurden, Pastry Chef and Ravifruit consultant in Asia.

Tart dough
100 g Butter
85 g Icing sugar
80 g Egg yolks
240 g Cake flour

Soften the butter, add icing sugar followed by the yolks. last the cake flour.
When using the kitchen aid only turn in first speed.
Roll out in between 2 sheets on 2mm, freeze and cut rounds.
Line up in butter rings bake at 150ºC, for approximately 12 min. After cooling down place a thin layer of white chocolate in the tart shells.
Brush the sides of the tart with silver powder.

White chocolate Biscuit
200 g White chocolate
75 g Butter
75 g Egg yolks
125 g Egg whites
100 g Sugar
60 g Flour
10g Ravifruit Combawa zest

Melt the chocolate and butter, make a ganache with yolks Whip the egg whites to a strong meringue with sugar Mix both parts together and add in flour and zests Spread out on a silpat and bake at 170ºC.

Raspberry Marmalade
500 g Ravifruit  Raspberry IQF
50 g Sugar
5 g Pectine NH
Warm up the raspberries, premix the sugar with the pectin.
add this mixture to the raspberries when they are around 40C and bring all to boil together.
Spread out on 5mm and freeze.

Raspberry & Minty  Cremeux
200 g Ravifruit  Raspberry puree, infused with fresh mint
90 g Egg yolks
25 g Sugar
80 g Butter
18 g Gelatine masse

Cook in the thermometer the puree, yolks and sugar to 82C.
Add the gelatine masse and mix in the butter once the mixture is at 35C.

80 g Ravifruit  Raspberry puree
6 g Albumina  Sosa
60 g Invert sugar
60 g Glucose

Warm the puree with the invert sugar and glucose till both sugars are nicely melted add Albumina and whip till a strong meringue.

400 g Cremeux minty raspberry
40 g Meringue Raspberry

Mix both together to get a lighter cremeux spread out on 2mm on top of the frozen marmalade.

Mojito Mousse

Mojito base
250 g Ravifruit  Mojito puree
25 g Sugar
200 Eggs
50 g Gelatine Masse

Cook in the thermometer the puree, yolks and sugar to 82C Add in the gelatine masse.

150 g Ravifruit  Mojito puree
18 g Albumina  Sosa
50 g Trehalosa Sosa
25 g Sugar

Whip all together till a strong meringue.

Mojito Gel
500 g Ravifruit  Mojito puree
50 g Gelcrem Cold Sosa

Mix both together till a smooth gel in the thermomixer keep some aside for decoration.

200 g Mojito base
115 g Mojito gel
70 g Mojito meringue
70 g Whipped cream
20 g Gelatine masse

Melt the gelatine masse and mix with mojito base, add the gel.
Followed but the meringue and whipped cream.

Place the biscuit, marmalade and cremeux in the tart, fill the tart with the Mojito mousse.
For the top, fill the mould with the mousse press in the filling and freeze.

Raspberry Glazing
300 g Ravifruit  Puree Raspberry
450 g Water
13 g Pectine NH Sosa
110 g Glucose (min 40B)
70 g Theralose Sosa

Premix pectin with trehalosa, add a part of the water which is at 40C.
Warm up puree, water and glucose when at 40C add the pectin mixture and bring to boil.
Scoop off the foam, best to let it rest for one day.
Add red colouring and red sparkling color for extra spark.
Glaze on a frozen cake glazing at 30C.

Raspberry Chantilly
(the whole raspberries on the cake are not real raspberries but mousse) Raspberry Gel
525 g Ravifruit  Raspberry puree
30 g Gelcrem cold Sosa

Mix both together till a smooth gel in the thermomixer.

250 g Whipped cream
325 g raspberry gel
30 g Gelatine masse

Melt the gelatine masse, add to the gel and last add whipped cream.
Pipe into the home made silicone moulds, freeze.
Spray with the non colouring raspberry glazing (see recipe above).

White chocolate decor Raspberry & Mojito gel (see recipes above).
Chantilly Lemon balm.
Freeze dried apple blossom. Raspberry chantilly, raspberries (see above) Fresh raspberries.